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Apogee Books: The Space Book Company
Purchase space related toys www.spacetoys.com Purchase life size models of rockets!http://www.spacemodel.com/
Interkart Store: Would like to order from Europe, please shop here.
Educational NASA Sitehttp://quest.arc.nasa.gov/index.html
Western Association of Map Libraries http://www.waml.org/
Human Impact on Global Change site http://www.ciesin.org/
NASA's on-line data of Global Change Master Directory http://gcmd.nasa.gov/
NASA learning site on cloud observations http://asd-www.larc.nasa.gov/SCOOL/
Cassini: Voyage to Saturn http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cassini
Project Galileo http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/galileo
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia - catalog of potential planets beyond our solar system
A fun place of discovery and knowledge for kids to play and discover in http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/en/kids/
A kids place to learn the Solar System http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/solar_system/
Earth Science studies and knowledge http://sealevel.jpl.nasa.gov/science/time-series-images.html
Learn about Earth, Space and all things science - games - puzzles
Learn how to live in space http://spacexplorers.com/
Astronomy site with many links Telescope site with links
Categorized resource directory for everything about astronomy Astronomy HQ
DirectoryScience.com - The Comprehensive Science Directory
Buzz Aldrin and friends of National Space Society learn about our Space involvements http://www.nss.org/
Science Museum of Minnesota - discover science projects http:www.smm.org/explore/
A great place to learn and play online http://pbskids.org/
Discovery place for all ages -games-contests http://www.lawrencehallofscience.org/kids/
Free website for current science topics Earth sciences and biodiversity present video, essays and interactive on many topics.
The museums awards program for 7-12 grade students that promotes excellence in science and communication through the recognition of outstanding expedition-based writing and art. http://www.amnh.org/youngnaturalistawards
A radio broadcast with something extra for all ages http://www.earthsky.org/
A comprehensive website for all students to discover NASA - games puzzles - contests http://spacekids.hq.nasa.gov/
An informative daily updated newsletter site of the latest in astronomy and NASA http://www.universetoday.com/
NASA http://www.nasa.gov
NASA's sky mapping site http://cossc.gsfc.nasa.gov/cossc/comptel/allsky.html
Mars Pathfinderhttp://mars.jpl.nasa.gov
NASA image exchange http://nix.nasa.gov
NASA Office of Space Flight http://www.hq.nasa.gov/osf/
Your Sky http://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/
Evening Sky Maps http://www.skymaps.com
Out of this World: The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas http://www.lhl.lib.mo.us/pubserv/hos/stars/welcome2.htm
Star Pilot Technologies software http://www.star-pilot.com/
Griffith Observatory http://www.GriffithObs.org/StarAward.html
Viewing the Moon http://www.inconstantmoon.com
Mars Global Surveyor http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/mgs
Galileo http://galileo.jpl.nasa.gov
Digitized Sky Survey http://stdatu.stsci.edu/dss
SpaceDaily http://www.spacedaily.com
European Southern Observatory http://www.hq.eso.org
National Optical Astronomy Observatories http://www.noao.edu
Amateur Astrophotographer site http://www.astromax.com/
Portable planetariums site http://www.starlab.com/
Astronomical League online catalog http://www.astronomicalleague.com/
Astronomical League Web-site http://www.astroleague.org/
Smithsonian National Air and Space http://www.nasm.si.edu/education/

KID's ZONE   ~  AGES 4 to 6

Funschool - kids K through 6 http://www.funschool.com
Disney - cool playhouse for kids http://www.disney.com
KidsCom Mousers for younsters that like to color and play games
Kids Domain Craft Exchange - make you paper space shuttle here!
Nick Jr. - Stories, games and coloring can be found here http://www.nickjr.com
PBS Kids - Many kids things can be found here http://www.pbskids.org
Seasame Street Workshop http://www.seasameworkshop.org

AGES 7 to 10

Web site for 7-11 year olds, makes complex scientific concepts accessible and fun through games, activities, and stories about science and cultures
Yahooligans - everything is here http://www.yahooligans.com
LookLearn&do - kids project site http://www.looklearnanddo.com/documents/projects.html
ScienceBob - Cool kids science site - http://www.sciencebob.com
Funbrain - cultural and educational site http://www.funbrain.com
For the latest in Astronomy images and children’s homework help. Visit Astronomy magazine’s website for fun kids games.
Radio station broadcasts current events and educational information for all ages. Great place for homework help – games – cosmic
Find information on aerospace flight missions and planes that contributed to the Space Race. Great fun links for the kids to learn about our space exploration accomplishments and failures. http://www.aerospacemuseum.org/education/kidspage.html

AGES 11 to 15

Bored.com - your teen will not be bored here! http://www.bored.com
Fact Monster - good for the homework session! http://www.factmonster.com
Zparadise - lets teens express themselves - self esteem - http://www.zparadise.com
Neopets - virtual critter site - no mess for the parents! http://www.neopets.com
Funology - cool science site http://www.funology.com
Try Science - another very cool science site http://www.tryscience.org
Enature - Cool things for the teen to do outside http://www.enature.com
Streetplay - Computers are great but old fashion outdoor games are healthy too http://www.streetplay.com
Space Camp http://www.spacecamp.com
Astronomy Kids Site
JPL's Space Place - Kids as well as teachers http://spaceplace.jpl.nasa.gov
Space and Astronomy site - references - http://kidsastronomy.miningco.com
Space Day - for teachers as well as teens http://www.indo.com/distance/
Space Wander Virtual Space Trip! http://www.spacewander.com
Need a tutor for a certain subject? http://www.tutorfind.com/


Astronomy in the Classroom http://www.astrosociety.org/education/publications/tnl/tnl.html
Tour of the Solar System http://www.seds.org/billa/tnp/
National Science Teachers Association http://www.nsta.org/
Free Lesson plans http://www.lessonplanspage.com/
State Departments of Education http://www.ed.gov/Programs/bastmp/SEA.htm
Global School Network : Geo Game Project http://www.gsn.org
Science and Entertainment for Kids and Adults http://www.yucky.com
States and Capitals http://www.50states.com
Exploritorium in San Francisco,CA http://www.exploratorium.edu
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) http://www.ed.gov/free
Guide to Geography http://geography.miningco.com
National Council for Social Studies http://www.ncss.org
The Geo-Images project http://www-geoimages.berkeley.edu
The National Council for Geographic Education http://ncge.org
The Virtual Reference Desk http://www.refdesk.com
The Site for science info of all kinds http://www.the-science-lab.com
Science at NASA for educators http://science.hq.nasa.gov/
NASA Distance Learning site http://dlcenter.larc.nasa.gov/


Science DirectoryAerospace and Astronomy http://www.aerospacee.com
The Space Store has a NASA or space book for everyone.http://www.thespacestore.com/books.html
SEDS Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. http://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/
Great image bank. http://www.noao.edu/
National Optical Astronomy Observatories http://www.noao.edu/
Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff http://www.lowell.edu/
Kitt Peak National Observatory http://www.noao.edu/kpno/
Astronomy Camp Best summer camp for aspiring astronomers. Features guest speakers such as David Levy and Kim Poor http://http://www.astronomycamp.org/index.html
Flandrau Planetarium, Tucson http://www.flandrau.org/
Arizona Science Center http://www.azscience.org/
Skywatcher's Inn Bed, breakfast and great telescopes. Greatconcept http://www.scopereviews.com/az.html
Lunar & Planetary Lab, University of Arizona http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/
CollectSpace, The resource for collectors of space memorabilia http://www.collectspace.com/
MoonRocks Space Museum. Its purpose is to "inspire and motivate people of all ages and promote a positive learning environment http://www.moonrocksentertainment.com/

Astronomy and Space Imagery Sites

Astronomy Clipart, Images and Stock Photography
Hubble Space Telescope More great images http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/
Nasa Manned archive The most popular images of Mercury, Gemini,Apollo, and shuttle. http://images.jsc.nasa.gov/
Bill Keel's GIF farm http://crux.astr.ua.edu/choosepic.html
The Web Nebulae http://astro.nineplanets.org/twn/
Art indexes and Sites
International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) http://www.iaaa.org/
Chesley Bonestell Archives http://www.bonestell.com/the_chesley_bonestell_archives001.htm
Dr. Slawek Wojtowicz's surreal/SF art gallery http://www.slawcio.com/myart.html
Dr. Slawek Wojtowicz's "most complete index of SF/Fantasy/Space and Surreal art on the Net" http://www.slawcio.com/artsf.html
Alicia's space at Art on the Net http://www.art.net/Studios/Visual/Alisa/alisa.html
Astro Organizations, Companies
Loch Ness The #1 source for space music, planetarium materials planetarium links, and slides. http://www.lochness.com
ICSTARS http://icstars.com/
National Space Society http://www.nss.org/
The Planetary Society http://planetary.org/home/
International Space University http://www.isunet.edu/
Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Largest astronomy club in the world. http://www.astrosociety.org/
Challenger Learning Centers http://www.challenger.org/
Jet Propulsion Lab http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/
Johnson Space Center http://www.nasa.gov/centers/johnson/home/index.html
Kennedy Space Center shuttle info http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/home/index.html
NASA home page http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/nasa_gen/index.html
NASA HQ, Washington, DC http://www.nasa.gov/centers/hq/home/index.html


ASTRONOMY Magazine http://www.astronomy.com/asy/default.aspx
SKY & TELESCOPE Magazine http://skyandtelescope.com
Air & Space Magazine http://airspacemag.com
SpaceDaily http://www.spacedaily.com


NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information Site http://eospso.gsfc.nasa.gov/
On Demand Satellite Imagery and More – you can purchase from this site http://www.terraserver.com

Mapping Sites
USGS Headquarters http://www.usgs.gov/
Water Resources Information USGS http://water.usgs.gov/
Mid-Continent Mapping Center USGS http://mcmcweb.er.usgs.gov/
National Earthquake Information Center http://wwwneic.cr.usgs.gov/
Int'l Map Association http://www.maptrade.org


European Space Agency http://www.esa.int/esaCP/index.html
Raumfahrt-Info-Dienst: Based out of Germany. Offers space-related materials, primarily in German. http://www.rid.de
Boeing: the world's largest aerospace company. http://www.boeing.com
Lockheed-Martin: diverse technology and systems company,ranging in scope from aeronautics to energy. http://www.lmco.com
Rockwell: a world-leading company in electronic controls and communications. http://www.rockwell.com
Malin Space Science Systems: designs, develops, and operates instruments to fly on unmanned spacecraft. http://barsoom.msss.com

Orbital Sciences Corporation: a company whose three main focuses are space and ground infrastructure systems, satellite access products, and satellite services. http://www.orbital.com/
The Aerospace Corporation: nonprofit corporation that develops space systems. http://www.aero.org/
Celestis: the funeral service of the future. http://www.memorialspaceflight.com
LABEN S.p.A.: a European company that deals with electronics for space applications. http://www.laben.it/
GE Research and Development Division: provides services to Lockheed Martin and divisions of the U.S. government. http://www.crd.ge.com/

Search Engines and Indices

Yahoo The grandaddy of them all. Hierachial index and search engine http://www.yahoo.com
Infoseek recently revamped.Excellent search. http://go.com
Excite Searches Web, Usenet and recent Usenet classified ads by keyword or concept http://www.excite.com
Hotbot The best of the new search engines http://www.hotbot.com
Dogpile Meta search searches 14 engines simultaneously, plus newsgroups, software http://www.dogpile.com
Google The best! http://www.google.com
Bigbook Nationwide business and commercial search. Includes a zoomable map to every business listed! http://www.bigbook.com

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