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California State From Space Map
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California State From Space Satellite Map is 24x36 inches, (61x91cm). This is a natural-color Landsat MSS 80-meter resolution composite of the State of California (The Golden State), with 1km NOAA imagery for the neighboring states.
Image size on this map is 31.5" x 20.75"
The detail is beautiful you can see sedimentation patterns along the coast line and the diverse topography across the state. California most populous state in the U.S., ranking third among the U.S. states in area, located in the Far West; bordered by Oregon (N), Nevada and, across the Colorado River, Arizona (E), Mexico (S), and the Pacific Ocean (W). Area, 158,693 sq mi (411,015 sq km). Motto, Eureka (I Have Found It). The region from Point Arena, North of San Francisco, to the southern part of the state is subject to tremors and sometimes to severe earthquakes caused by tectonic stress along the San Andreas fault, and south of the Golden Gate no major rivers reach the ocean. Behind the coastal ranges in central California lies the great Central Valley, a long alluvial valley drained by the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. In the southeast lie vast wastelands, notably the Mojave Desert. Rising as an almost impenetrable granite barrier is the Sierra Nevada range, Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Yosemite National Park and the Cascade Range. The largest cities as seen from space in this image are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, Oakland, and Sacramento. You can see the natural border between the U.S. and Mexico on this image.

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