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Washington DC From Space Map - On Sale Reg $15.00
Washington DC From Space Map - On Sale Reg $15.00 Quantity in Basket: None
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The Washington DC From Space Satellite Map is 36x24 inches, (91x61cm).
Image size on the map is 27"x17.75"
A springtime view of the nation's capital and surrounds. Fields, roads, towns all clearly defined in this 80x60 mile scene. Washington, D.C. capital of the United States The city is the center of a metropolitan area extending into Maryland and Virginia. It is the legislative, administrative, and judicial center of the United States, its business is government. There are numerous impressive government buildings built of white or gray stone, as well as the embassies and legations of many foreign countries, many of them lining “embassy row” on Massachusetts Ave. The larger of the city's fine parks are West Potomac Park, which extends S from the Lincoln Memorial and includes the Tidal Basin, flanked by the famous Japanese cherry trees; East Potomac Park, Rock Creek Park, with almost 1,800 acres (728 hectares) of natural woodlands, and the adjoining National Zoological Park; and Anacostia Park, adjacent to the National Arboretum. Besides the Capitol and the White House, other important government buildings and places of historic interest include the Senate office buildings and the House of Representatives office buildings, the Supreme Court Building, the Pentagon (in Virginia), the Federal Bureau of Investigation building, the Library of Congress, the National Archives Building, and Constitution Hall. Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln was shot, the Admiral's House on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory was designated the temporary official residence of the Vice President. Best known of the city's many statues and monuments are the Washington Monument, at the western end of the long grass-covered Mall; the Lincoln Memorial, with its pool reflecting the marble shaft of the Washington Monument; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a V-shaped monument in polished black granite near the Lincoln Memorial; and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, overlooking the Tidal Basin. Among Washington's famous churches are the Washington National Cathedral on Mt. St. Alban, which was completed in 1990 and contains the tomb of Woodrow Wilson; and the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Roman Catholic church in the United States. The Arlington Memorial Bridge across the Potomac connects the capital with Arlington National Cemetery.

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