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Living Earth Map Satellite Map of the World is 36x24 inches, (91x61cm). Scale 1: 47 810 000, 1”=755miles, 1cm=478km. The Living Earth - a Satellite image of our Earth From Space. This is our best seller of our complete line of products. This image is a mosaic (color composite) of hundreds of satellite images, reveals the entire Earth in natural color, unobstructed by clouds. This satellite topographical map is both beautiful and accurate. The extent of desert is staggering, and the rich, deep oceans show up wonderfully. It displays the longitude and latitude along with “Time Clocks” that represent the different time zones around the world. Through the use of NOAA satellites that follow a polar route, thousands of individual satellite images were combined to produce the truest image of what the Earth looks like. The mosaic, not unlike a jigsaw puzzle, was assembled over a 14 month period of time. Our Brilliant Earth night view is a great companion to this image.

Earth Map - Living Earth Map

SKU: 1247
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